• ROHM Semiconductor plans to construct a new building at its Apollo plant in Chikugo (Japan). Rising demand for SiC power devices, so the company, makes the expansion of production capacity necessary. The construction of the building is slated for early 2019, with completion scheduled for the end of 2020. In addition to mass producing SiC power devices (SiC SBDs and MOSFETs) since 2010, ROHM was on...

  • Bosch is investing EUR 100 million in a new plant in Celaya (Mexico). The German manufacturer plans to build a new smart factory for electronic components in the central Mexican city by 2020. "Bosch is committed to Mexico. The country is and will remain an important market and a hub for our global manufacturing and development network,” said Stefan Hartung, member of the Bosch board of management....

  • Robots Create Jobs – New Research

    posted byadmin2018-Apr-20

    At 309 units per 10'000 employees, robot density in German manufacturing industry is the third highest worldwide. At the same time, the number of people employed in Germany reached 44 million in 2017, the highest figure since reunification. The rapid spread of industrial robots hasn’t made a dent in employment figures: today, new tasks have been created for the workforce alongside once performed b...

  • Qualcomm With 1'500 Job Cuts

    posted byadmin2018-Apr-20

    Chipmaker Qualcomm Inc. is said to lay off 1'500 staff in California, the majority of which will have to leave the chipmaker’s San Diego headquarters. Around 1'200 positions will be eliminated in San Diego with terminations starting about June 19, reports Bloomberg, citing a WARN notice by the company. A further 270 employees will lose their jobs at the company’s Santa Clara and San Jose locations...

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