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Bosch Plans Smart Factory For Electronic Components

Bosch Plans Smart Factory For Electronic Components


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Bosch is investing EUR 100 million in a new plant in Celaya (Mexico). The German manufacturer plans to build a new smart factory for electronic components in the central Mexican city by 2020.

"Bosch is committed to Mexico. The country is and will remain an important market and a hub for our global manufacturing and development network,” said Stefan Hartung, member of the Bosch board of management. The goal is to create more than 1'200 additional jobs at the new location in Celaya in the coming years.

The new approximately 21'000-square-meter facility in Celaya, which is located in the state of Guanajuato, will manufacture electronic control units (ECUs) for the American market. These are key components for connected mobility. Alongside Juárez, Celaya will be home to the Automotive Electronics division’s second plant in Mexico. “With the new location, we are responding to the increasing demand for electronic components in the American market,” adds René Schlegel, president of the Bosch Group in Mexico.

With a total surface area of 170'000 square meters, the site will have capacity for further expansion in the future. In addition, the plan is to build a logistics center for Mexico on the adjacent property, which will also serve as a warehouse for the new plant.
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