We have rich experience in producing leisure and professional marine products,especially having good productivity  in manufacturing fishfinding equipment and chart-plotter  to both the recreational and commercial marine sectors,We are engaged in producing adaptive, dependable equipment for marine professionals. We promise the equipment's safety and quality to meet tough working environments with robust bracket and flush-mount installation options meeting IPX7 water-resistance from all sides. innovative sailing functionality controlled through a bright, multitouch screen with easy to use menu structure that makes setting courses, reading* wind speed and direction, depth, bearings and a host of other sailing functions, simple and intuitive to access and understand.Increasing safety and making sailing easier, and therefore enhancing on water enjoyment.

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Notes: 3CEMS PRIME is an Electronic Contract Manufacturer, we only produce your designed electronic products,but“NOT”to sell any electronics.

If you are interested in our manufacturing service, please describe your product designs, applications, functions, PCB Assembly or Box-Build and annual expected quantities that you would like us to quote for you. Once we receive your requests, we will ask for more detailed technical information like BOM,Gerber,3D Drawing,Testing Info...etc for further RFQ evaluation.

Please follow these steps, they will definitely speed up your RFQ process way faster and more efficient.